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While the platform may accept cryptocurrency for transactions, traditional forms of payment, such as fiat currency, are also supported. This allows users to choose their preferred payment method when participating in real estate transactions.

While blockchain is inherently transparent, user privacy can still be maintained. Platforms can implement privacy protocols that encrypt sensitive information and allow only authorized parties to access certain data. Additionally, users can control the level of detail they disclose on the platform.

Property titles are recorded as digital tokens on the blockchain. These tokens represent ownership and can be transferred securely between parties. The blockchain's decentralized nature ensures that ownership records are accurate and tamper-proof.

Absolutely. Property details and transaction history are stored on the blockchain, providing an unalterable and verifiable record of ownership, transactions, and legal documentation. This reduces the likelihood of fraudulent or misleading property listings.

Smart contracts are self-executing digital contracts that automatically execute predefined actions when specific conditions are met. In a real estate context, these contracts can automate tasks like fund transfers, property transfers, and escrow release upon fulfilling agreed-upon terms, minimizing human intervention and associated delays.

Transparency: All transactions and property information are visible to relevant parties, reducing information asymmetry.
Reduced Intermediaries: Blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries like agents or brokers, leading to cost savings.
Smart Contracts: Self-executing smart contracts automate various steps in the real estate process, enhancing efficiency.
Global Accessibility: Participants from around the world can engage in transactions without geographical limitations.

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